Django - Please copy and paste the text of the error

Posted on sáb 23 março 2013 in Software

Um dos melhores textos que já li ;)

Extraído do material do Phabricator


Please Please Please

Phabricator Flavor Text (Sundries)

Please read this document.

When you send a message that says "I got an error when I tried to do something":

Please Please Please

Please copy and paste the text of the error.

Please please please. It is very helpful. So please please please please please please do this.

I want to help. I really do. But it is very difficult when you don't include the error text and only allude to how traumatizing reading that text was for you. It is basically inviting me to troll you.

I am only human. I have only so much restraint.

So please include the error message in your message, before you send it.

Or even after you send it, if you realize you forgot. That would be okay too. I would understand.

Just please do this.


Thank You

Thank you for reading this note.

Appendix: A Collection of Messages Wherein The Text of the Error is Not Present


Subject: help
X-Priority: 1
it dun work


Subject: Error
I got an error when I ran it. Why?


Subject: error when running program
I ran the program and it gave me an error.

What do I do now?


Subject: so many errors
I got an error and it had instructions in it. I tried to follow the
instructions but I got a different error. Are you sure this works?


Subject: confusing error
i got an error but it was confusing

can you explain what it means?


Subject: Irony
There is a spelling error in the error message I received.
please include the text of the error message.